Imagine achieving your goals and enjoying the process of getting there.

Or do you…

  • have a long list of to-do’s, but don’t feel you’re accomplishing what’s truly important.
  • wonder why you don’t act on the goals you most value.
  • feel like you have to push yourself to achieve your goals, but would rather relax and enjoy life.
  • hate being confined by a schedule and would prefer to live a more free-flowing life.

I used to go between the extremes. I’d get all psyched about my goals and work diligently on them. Then I’d burn out and crash, letting go completely. I’d gradually recover to enjoy life again, only to be disappointed in not accomplishing those things I truly wanted. So I’d start back on the goal-oriented cycle again.

I realized I needed to find a more sustainable way to achieve. I needed a way I enjoyed and that felt natural, rather than burdensome. So I designed a method for working with goals that supports you in:

  • Clarifying what you really want.
  • Following your natural rhythms of taking action, receiving, and resting.
  • Developing your own internal motivation, so you can’t wait to act on your goals.
  • Staying in a healthy balance.

And, as a bonus, it’s fun. Join me in Surfing Your Enthusiasm!