Sometimes when I get really busy, I lose touch with myself. This happened last week when my job scheduled me for 40% more hours than normal the same week I was teaching my class, Surfing Your Enthusiasm, to a group for the first time. I was juggling the extra hours, my every day responsibilities, and preparing for my very first group lesson.

Today, I got a day off to myself. Before bed last night, my husband kept asking what I was going to do today. My reply, “I don’t know…things that make me feel good.” It was a relief not to have a plan.

This morning, I woke up in a Day of the Dead mood.

This led to looking up my favorite children’s books about Day of the Dead, which drew me to Crafty Chica’s beautiful Mexican-style craft book.

These I added to my Christmas wishlist.

I then found out it was too late to sign up for the Rachel Brice belly dance workshop I was so looking forward to. I pulled out the sound track to Frida and mourned my loss with that deep, soul-wrenching Mexican music.

One of my favorite ways to reconnect with myself is to follow what I’m drawn to in the moment.  Many times there’s a theme like there was today, but I never force it. Ahhhh..I’m back!

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