Of the four phases of doing a project—coming up with the idea, planning, implementing, and maintenance—I feel most comfortable in the idea and planning phases. When I work in a team, I can stay in those comfortable idea and planning roles and let my fellow teammates, who enjoy the other phases, take on the implementing and maintenance roles. It works really well. In fact, I do this with my husband. I like coming up with the ideas and planning. He likes implementing and maintaining.

As I’ve started doing more things on my own, I realized I wanted to experience more of the implementation phase. That’s one of the reasons I took an art class this year. In art you come up with the idea, plan, and implement your work. When I got my degree in biochemistry, it was rare for me to have the opportunity to implement any of my own ideas. My school work was all about learning principles. Even in lab, all we did was follow someone else’s recipe.

As I got into the implementation phase in my art class, I started feeling more balanced. In the past, staying in the idea and planning phases kept me in my head too much. Where implementing was more physical. It actually felt good.

After my art class finished, I decided to keep this balance. We are in the process of landscaping our yard. We live in the desert southwest, and I wanted to create an environmentally-friendly landscape. I’ve studied rain water harvesting and permaculture to come up with ideas, and I have created a really cool design (a plan).

Last week, we worked on implementing my design. My mom asked me, “What part did you do? The supervising?” This is my typical role. But this time, I was hands on in the implementation too. It felt great. I got such a sense of accomplishment.

Landscape west side

Taking the time to implement in ways that feel balanced to me has made me feel more empowered. It doesn’t mean that I won’t delegate in the future. It just means I want to be aware of how much implementation feels right to me.

Is there an area where you’re feeling drawn to step outside your comfort zone? If so, give it a try and see if it gives you a sense of more balance.

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