With some projects, we don’t show the world our rough drafts, our struggles, and our weaknesses as we create. We polish them up before we let the world see them. I do that with most of my art, writing, and dancing. But there are times to let the rough drafts show, and doing that can build confidence.

One example in my life is the water retention basin we dug in our front yard. It’s a big ugly hole 2 feet deep with 2 trees planted in it. We are landscaping a little at time as we have time. We wanted to plant the trees first because we knew it would take time for them to grow tall enough to give us the privacy we wanted. We put the water retention basin in because we’re creating an environmental-friendly landscape to match our environmentally-friendly house.

After we dug the basin and planted the trees, our next priority was to plant shade plants on the east and west sides of our house. We live in Albuquerque and don’t have an air conditioner nor a swamp cooler, so shading the house in the summer is essential. We decided to postpone beautifying the retention basin until after we planted the shading trees and bushes.

This retention basin has sat looking ugly in our front yard for months. I’ve had neighbors ask me why we would put such a hideous hole in our front yard. We’re not breaking any rules of the neighborhood, and we do plan on making it pretty. But we’ll be doing that in our own timeline.

People’s mean criticism has been like barbs jabbed into my heart. I felt insecure. It’s scary to publicly expose a non-polished project like this.

When I’d feel one of those barbs, I’d take care of myself. I’d visit the Albuquerque Museum of Natural History to see their beautiful finished retention basin and remind myself that I’m not crazy. I’d get emotional support from my husband. The barbed wounds would heal, and I’d be more confident that I could expose my rough draft and still feel good about my ideas.

I have a better understanding of what  Noah went through when building his ark. And I really appreciate that we’ve kept that story alive. It gives me strength to think about it.

Have you ventured out with your own “Noah’s Ark” project? It’s definitely great character-building!

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