Last night, I went to a meeting of entrepreneurs. There were people there who appeared to have the primary focus of making money, and what they did to earn that money didn’t really matter. Their work was secondary.

For me, my work is primary. I love what I do. I want to be able to share it with as many people as I can. Making money is a tool for me to be able to do my work. For the people I met last night, it was the opposite. Doing their work is a tool for them to make money. It felt really odd interacting with them. It was as if they were standing on their heads talking to my feet as I talked with their feet.

Since leaving the meeting, I’ve taken time to reflect on what I experienced there. Seeing the contrast between their approach and mine helped me become more clear about where I am at with money and where I want to go with it.

Thinking womanIn the past, I have been wary of becoming a slave to money. I lived a very simple life with low expenses so that I could easily leave a job and not feel trapped. Recently, I’ve wanted to come to a more empowered place with money. Taking time to reflect on where I’m at with it and deciding where I want to go is key to getting me there.

I believe having healthy money attitudes is important to enjoying life and work. It’s a tool to help us flourish. Last night’s experience was a gift for me to become more aware of my attitudes toward money. And the clearer I am about money, the more powerfully I can act when it comes to money.

It can be scary to take the time to reflect. We think we’ll get behind in all those things we have to do. But in reality, not reflecting keeps us slaves to our to-do’s. We blindly do them without looking at the big picture and examining if they’s supporting what we really want, and we can’t know what we really want unless we take time to reflect.

If I didn’t take the time to reflect, in this case, on my attitude toward money, I would continue to stay stuck in my old approach of avoiding becoming a slave to it. Taking this time to reflect is giving me an opportunity to develop a new way that’s more aligned with what I want now.

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