I’ve been into personal development since I was a kid. In junior high I wrote to Seventeen Magazine asking them how I could overcome my shyness. They sent me a giant envelope full of past articles on the topic. I went about setting goals for my social life, looks, etc. wanting to make a big change in my life. Guess what? I don’t think anyone would call me shy now.

Fast forward to adulthood. Here are some of the goal I’ve achieved:

  • Recovered from an eating disorder
  • Gotten out of an abusive marriage
  • Changed careers to ones that were a better fit as I grew
  • Moved to a place I totally love
  • Married a wonderful man
  • Built a really cool green home

So when I decided to quit the traditional work place, I was surprised at how hard it was for me to do my own thing. When I was working at a job, each day seemed like an eternity. When I used to dream about what I would do if I didn’t have to “work,” I had the sense that time would be like it felt on the job—infinite.

What I found was that time was limited outside the cubicle prison. Even when I took time off for myself, I couldn’t do nearly all the things I thought I’d be able to do. I also noticed that I traded my employer for a long list of to-do’s I thought were required of me. I was taking on other people’s priorities instead of my own. I had a hard time getting around to doing the things I thought were really important and got lost in the minutia of life.

Gypsy Fest 2012 dance 019

I realized what I really wanted was to be inner directed. I wanted to determine what I did with my life. That was one of my main focuses when I put together my Surfing Your Enthusiasm goal-setting system. I’ve been practicing my system for nearly 3 years now, and I’m amazed at the results.

I totally feel inner directed. I choose what I work on and where I put my energy. I’m also inner motivated. I don’t need to hire someone to get me going or find someone to be accountable to. I’m excited to work on my goals and am having a blast achieving them.

That doesn’t mean I never have challenges. Challenges are a part of the process. But what used to take years to get past, I now can resolve in weeks. And the majority of my challenges are resolved in a matter of hours.

My Surfing Your Enthusiasm goal-setting system feeds my soul, and the longer I practice it the richer my life becomes.

It’s a process growing toward what we truly want. I hope you’ll join me in this process of Surfing Your Enthusiasm!